Tyres can have varying tread designs to yield particular characteristics, there is three main categories for these patterns.

Symmetrical: A consistent pattern across the tyres face, these can rotate in any direction, and can be fitted anyway on the cars rim. Symmetric tyres are less technical than other patterns thus are a cost effective solution for city cars where high performance tyres are simply not needed.

Asymmetrical: A tread pattern that varies across the tyres face, one side must be fitted with a specific side facing out to the road. This is labelled on the tyre to aid the fitment centre during installation. The outside section tends to have larger tread blocks to increase stability during corning, while the inside section has a more open shoulder to allow faster dispersion of water.

Directional or Unidirectional: Designed to only rotate in one specific direction, which you can see from the arrowhead-like or V-shaped design. The benefits include better water dispersion, and increased straight line stability.